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In this update of Appalachian Places, we highlight the voices of Eastern Kentucky residents impacted by the catastrophic flooding in July 2022. A pair of filmmakers joined a journalist representing both Appalachian Places and 100 Days in Appalachia during a visit with residents of Eastern Kentucky three months after the devastating flood of July 28, 2022. The combined effort resulted in the documentary film, "When the Water Goes down," which can be viewed here. Contributors Skylar Baker-Jordan and P.B. Cooley are pursuing a Master of Arts in Appalachian Studies at ETSU.

Flooding in Hindman, Kentucky, threatened the historic Hindman Settlement School and members of the Appalachian Writer’s Workshop who were staying there. Click here to read a description of that experience from Amy Richardson, one of the writers attending the workshop.

Click here to read a firsthand account of the flood's initial and lingering effects by Courtney Rhoades Mullins.

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